The Changing Ways of Online Shopping

With the onslaught of the COVID-19 pandemic, comes the evolution of the way consumers shop. Gone were the days when one has to head down to brick-and-mortar shops to purchase something they need. Now, one can buy nearly anything under the sun with just a few taps on mobile devices. Therefore, with the increasing shift towards online shopping, here are some tips businesses can take note of to better cater to the changing needs and behaviours of consumers.

1. Creating a seamless mobile experience

Smartphones have become such an integral part of our lives that almost no one would be caught dead without one. Hence, with most consumers scrolling on the phones wherever and whenever they can, it is crucial for brands to take note of this aspect and create a more seamless mobile experience (for instance, placing call-to-action buttons on the right-hand side for a more convenient user interface). This can help increase user accessibility and in turn, make consumers more inclined to browse through your products.

2. Getting social

Social media has, in many ways, changed our lives, including the way we shop. Now, it is not uncommon for some to heavily rely on the opinions of their favourite social media influencers before they make a purchase. In addition, social media sites have also become one of the most popular websites to run advertisements on, with features that allow users to click on and direct them to a particular site. This is why it is also important for brands to pump up their online social presence and be active online, so that they can respond swiftly to customer queries and/or allow customers to buy their products directly via social media.

3. Being sustainable and ethical

As the importance of being environmentally friendly gains increasing traction, more and more people care more about the planet than ever before. For your business to thrive in this day and age, you have to engage in corporate social responsibility and ensure that you methods are sustainable and ethical, which can include sourcing your products from fair-trade organisations for a more conducive e-commerce environment. Basically, just try to do the right thing as best as you can and come up with more ways to improve and integrate more sustainable practices.

4. Doing business with a clear conscience

Since there is no telling what the next change of practice will be, with the ever-changing business landscape due to the advancement of new technology and ideologies, the best thing businesses can do is to do the best they can, through the provision of quality products, good customer service, ethical practices, et cetera, to keep customers coming back, since these components that create a satisfactory customer experience will hardly ever change.